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Without a doubt the field of IT and Computer Science is one of the hottest industry and lucrative jobs are available to anyone who knows how to code. Top companies are willing to retain a great programmer no matter what the cost. We are in the age information and the programmers of today are the wizards that makes it all happen. From rockets that stay afloat to sharing your cute cat videos. A programmer spent sleepless nights coding away just to make that a reality. And we need more of them. From medicine to agriculture, coding is affecting our daily lives.

There is a gap with regards to education and the real work. Skills learned in school are not on par to the actual skills needed in the field. That is where Code School Learning Center comes in. Code School Learning Center is where you can learn how to code, taught by experts in the field. Instructors that works in the field for 10 or more years and still counting. Passing unto you the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the job you love.


Jeff de Lara
He graduated with a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering in Mapua Institute of Technology. He is passionate about programming and teaching and has been in the industry of web development and design for more than 10 years.

Arvz Pugasa
Has been a graphic artist, a web designer here and abroad since 2004. He is now an entreprenuer with his own printing business. He loves to teach and to pass on his rockstar design skills to the next generation.

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